Payment in instalments


1) Send an email to the following email address

2) The following documents are needed:
    i. DNI/NIE (With the NIE as identification, a payslip will also be needed from the previous month or the previous two months at most).
    ii. .Solicitud pago fraccionado.
    iii.Formulario de datos.Formulario de datos
    iv.EIM application form.Formulario de matrícula
    i.Bank account (a bank book or a bank certificate where the account holder name and IBAN number appear)
    *In certain cases additional financial information may be required.
    **Clients who have made a previous loan application need only to include the original contract's reference number.

3) Wait for confirmation of the loan from the bank or the school.

4) You will be registered without having had to pay the full amount of the course.

Note: The student does not need to be the person who has requested a loan. It can be a family member for example. In this case, this person's identification information will also be required.

The minimum quantity for a loan is 400€.

The course can be paid in instalments of 4 to 8 months. For further information, phone the school's information desk or send an email to the following

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