Programa: Cursos d'Anglès C2 - Primera Part - EIM



Course book: Your teacher will tell you which course book you will be using.

Supplementary materials:

A good ENGLISH dictionary: Oxford Advanced Learners, Cambridge International Dictionary of English, or Collins Cobuild.
A Spanish/Catalan-English; English-Spanish/Catalan Dictionary: for example, the Diccionario Oxford or the Enciclopèdia Catalana


(a) Continuous Assessment - 40%
10% based on participation in class and other work done during the course.
20% based on written work done during the course.
10% based on Oral level shown during the course.

(b) FINAL EXAM - 60%

In order to pass the course, it is necessary to achieve a minimum mark of 50% in the written and oral examinations and 60% in the overall combination of examination and continuous assessment.

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