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Multilingual Teacher Training Days

The conference Open doors: embracing diversity and change in the language has a duration of one day (all day Saturday) and is aimed at foreign language teachers.

The workshops will be held in the in the IL3 building of the University of Barcelona – Ciutat de Granada, 131, 08018 Barcelona.

ELTRIA (ELT Research in Action)

The ELTRIA (ELT Research in Action) conference lasts one and a half days (Friday afternoon and all day Saturday) and is aimed at researchers and teachers in the field of ELT.

The conference takes place every two years in the in the IL3 building of the University of Barcelona – Ciutat de Granada, 131, 08018 Barcelona.

Free ELT teacher development workshops

The training workshops in the TESOL-Spain regional events programme are open to all English teachers of adults and teenagers.

The TESOL-Spain regional events programme consists of a morning session of two or three one-hour workshops which will be held in the Area of Further Training – Casa Jeroni Granell – Gran Via, 582 (Barcelona) or by conference, in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions.

The workshops will be carried out in English.

Participants in the Multilingual Teachers’ Day and the ELTRIA conference will receive an attendance certificate from the University of Barcelona validated by the Catalan Ministry of Education.

Enrolment for the Multilingual Teachers’ Day will start on 7th Novmeber, 2022 and will close two days prior to the beginning of event. You can enrol via this link or in person at the offices of the Area of Further Training.

Enrolment is completed once the corresponding amount has been paid (by credit or debit card). Modification or cancellation of enrolment is not permitted once the enrolment fees have been paid except in those cases provided for in the relevant UB regulations.

Important: Please read these instructions carefully if your school or institution will be covering the cost of registration.

A company may pay for part or the entirety of the enrolment fees. If an invoice is required, participants must provide the name, surnames and NIF/NIE/passport no. of the person teaching the workshop or conference, the CIF (tax registration code), a contact name within the company, and state that the company intends to pay the enrolment fees. Once these details have been received, the University of Barcelona will issue the corresponding invoice.

Participants who require an invoice must submit their request before paying the corresponding fees.

In all cases, payment of the invoiced amount must be made before the start of the conference or workshop.

Once payment has been made, the participant will receive an electronic or paper copy of the confirmation of enrolment, which will attest that the holder has enrolled in one or more of the workshops and conferences. Participants may be asked to show this document to the Area of Further Training staff when they enter the classroom for the workshop or conference.

The Area of Further Training reserves the right to cancel a workshop or conference if a minimum number of enrolled students is not reached. Students who do not wish to enrol in another workshop or conference will receive a refund of the amount paid for the cancelled workshop or conference.

The Area of Further Training also reserves the right to modify or replace a workshop or conference if a speaker is unable to attend.

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